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MGT Dried Fruit

We are Marjan dried fruit company. Our main activity is producing dry fruit. Our products are exported to whole world. So we are known as producer, supplier and exporter of dried fruits and nuts which all their origin is Iran. Persian saffronsaffron is one of the most famous product in the world. Marjan dried fruit is exporting the high quality Persian saffronsaffron from 2004. As well as saffronsaffron, Iranian mamra almondalmond is one of our best products with pure quality. Iranian pistachiopistachio, raisinraisin and datesdates are other dried fruits that we are producing. Iran dried fruits are different in quality with other origins. That’s why we are supplier and exporter of Iran raisinraisin, pistachiopistachio and datesdates. Marjan dried fruit is also producer of green peeled pistachiopistachio kernels that is used for pastry and cookie. It is necessary to mention that the minimum quantity is 5Ton for almost all products (DatesDates, PistachioPistachio, AlmondAlmond, RaisinRaisin, dried figdried fig, apricot, walnutwalnut and barberrybarberry). So we can say that we are only whole seller (wholesale). Iran date fruit has so many types that Mazafati and Sayer date are one of the most known. Date concentrate (date liquid honey, date liquid sugar and date liquid syrup) are made from high quality Iranian datesdates. List of our product ready to be exported are as below: Iran pistachioIran pistachio (Round fandoghi pistachiofandoghi pistachio supplier, long Akbari pistachioAkbari pistachio supplier, long ahmadaghai pistachiopistachio, jumbo kalleghouchi pistachiopistachio). Iranian raisinraisin (Sultana light brown raisinraisin tizabi, Sultana dark brown raisinraisin aftabi, jumbo yellow raisinraisin zard malayer, green jumbo raisin sabz malayer and golden angoori raisinraisin). Persian date fruit (Piarom or piyarom, Mazafati fresh date known as bam date, chopped or chapped date, Sayer with seed and sayer without seed, Zahedi yellow datesdates, Kabkab semi dried date, ShahabiShahabi and Rabbi date). Persian famous saffronsaffron (All red sargol saffronsaffron, pooshal mancha saffronsaffron, dasteh bunch saffronsaffron and saffronsaffron powder provided from all red and pooshal). Iranian barberrybarberry (dane anari or shiny red and also puffy or pofaki). Dried figDried fig (closed mouth A,AA,AAA and open mouth A,AA,AAA). AlmondAlmond (Normel kernel, mamra almondalmond kernel, paper skin poost kaghazi almondalmond and hard shell sangi almondalmond). We are looking forward to have this opportunity to serve our trusted customers in long-term business.



  • Introduction: +

    Dried apricots are a type of traditional dried fruit. When treated with sulfur dioxide (E220), the color is vivid orange. Organic fruit not treated with sulfur vapor is darker in color and has a coarser texture. Generally the lighter the color, the higher SO2 content. Dried apricots are an important Read More
  • History & Trade: +

    Iran is the second largest producer and exporter of dried apricots and the majority of the product is coming from Eastern Azerbaijan, Damavand and Amol regions. The quality and characteristics of the product is unique in the world. According to FAOSTAT, the top producers of apricots (in tonnes) in 2012 Read More
  • Use and Benefits: +

    Full of fragrance and sweet, golden-orange apricots are another summer season delicacies of Asian origin. These much-prized fruits were first brought to Europe by Greeks, who named them as “golden eggs of the sun". - Fresh fruits are low in calories, composing just 50 calories per 100 g weight. Nonetheless, they Read More
  • Country of Origin: +

    Europe Turkey, Italy, France, Spain Africa Algeria, Morocco, Egypt Asia Iran, Uzbekistan, Pakistan America USA (California) Australia Australia Read More
  • Container Capacity: +

    Type Packed in carton 20 foot container 16 tons 40 foot container 20tons 12 meter trailer 19tons Read More
  • Packing: +

    Marjan Dried Fruit’s regular packing for walnutwalnut kernel is 7 Kg cartons. Other packages are possible according to customer’s orders. Read More
  • Storage: +

    Store dried apricot in airtight container at room temperature for up to 3 months. Storing in refrigerator will keep the product for 12 months. Refrigerating will keep the dried apricot for 12 to 18 months. Read More
  • Harvesting: +

    Harvest: Harvest time is determined with respect to the type of apricot, the altitude at which it is grown, due to the ripening, the getting yellow of its colour, its softening and getting sweet and juicy. The most suitable apricot harvest is made by hand, so the fruits are not Read More
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